Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Prescriptions Earning $$

Prescriptions Earning Money
Prescriptions are a big expense for our family. With six people in our household, four of whom take daily medications, and all of whom are subject to catch ANYTHING going around town, it's a big expense, and one you can't always prepare for.

So, we play what I call the "Prescription Transfer Game"!

This is how it's done. Say I'm taking a monthly medication that has refills on the prescription. I might fill it the first time at a CVS, and I'll use a gift card coupon from CVS or from another store (they very often accept competitor's prescription offers). I may pay my $15 copay, and earn a gift card anywhere from $10-25!

Next month when it's time to have it refilled, I'll transfer it to Walgreen's. They, too, accept competitor's prescription offers, so if I don't have a coupon specific to Walgreen's, I'll print one for Rite-Aid, often available online. Again, I may pay $15 for my month's medicines, but I'll earn $25 for having it filled at Walgreen's.

Then, the next month, I'll transfer the prescription to Rite Aid or Publix. Sometimes Publix will accept competitor's coupons as well--it just depends!

Target has a pharmacy, too, and they often print their own prescription coupons in their weekly ads or on receipt coupons at checkout. KMart runs these coupons in their weekly ads FREQUENTLY!!!

This past week, for example, I had an RX filled for my oldest son, and spent $35. I earned $10 at CVS for it. I had an RX filled for me at RiteAid. I spent $15 and got a $25 Rite Aid card. I had two RXs filled for my husband, and we spent about $8 for them both, since one was free with the Publix antibiotics program. I didn't earn anything for them but I got something free! Then yesterday after my son's surgery, I had two prescriptions filled for him. Our out of pocket cost was $0 because we used a CVS gift card to pay for them both, AND we earned a $10 CVS card b/c I had a prescription coupon from this past Sunday's paper for KMart. I've got one waiting for me at CVS, a transfer, and when I pick it up, I'll pay $15 and earn $25 by using a KMart or RiteAid transfer coupon that CVS thinks is a competitor.

I say all this to prove to you that there's no need to pay full price for a prescription!!!! Look into all the different options you have to either PAY less or EARN more when buying them!!!

Keep Saving Centsably!

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