Friday, June 18, 2010

Free Blueberries!

Hey everybody! There's a Publix Website to enter a berry contest, called something like Season's Peak, and they have a $1.50/1 blueberry, blackberry or strawberry coupon!

This week, blueberries are just $1.50/pint!!! Get them free and put them up for the winter!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Been a While!

Whew! So it's been a while since I've posted here on the blog--keeping my Facebook page hopping with great deals has really taken quite a bit of time!!! I'll be trying to do better in the days and weeks to come!!!

First, let me tell you about my first Swagbucks reward! It came in the mail this weekend--a $10 Starbucks card just for searching for items on my Swagbucks toolbar or homepage!!!

Be sure that will be in the coffee goodies basket I put together for hubby for Father's Day! I'm wondering how many of those I can collect before Christmas comes!!!

Have you gotten your Swagbucks account yet?
If not, sign up through my link on the homepage of the blog! I'll earn referral points, which I'm always thankful for!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

This week's totals

This week I had a couple of main visits.....things are so busy with preschool beginning to wrap up, the four kids having their various things, church, work, etc.!!!! ARGH!!! I am longing for quiet tonight so I can clip and sort and file--I'm in BAD need of it!!!

So at Publix this week I visited 2 stores, spent a total of $25 and saved about $46, so valuce is $71, I spent $25....66% savings.

I really racked up at Target though, and you can find my pictures on Facebook.....two visits, same store. Spent: 2.94 out of value? $98!!!! That's basically a 97% savings and you know I'll be headed back next week!!!

How'd you do??

Publix gift cards

There are a couple of Publix gift cards up for grabs thanks to Michelle at iheartpublix dot com!!!

Go visit her site and look for the information about this giveaway. All 1st birthday entries for iheartpublix dot come expire get on over there and register!!!

keep Saving centsably!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Another iheartpublix giveaway

There's another giveaway going on! Michelle is celebrating all week long! Register by visiting her site and choosing at least 1 method of entry---choose ALL of them if you want...more entries=more chances to win!!!


Monday, April 12, 2010

I Heart Publix's Birthday!!!

I Heart Publix (dot) com is celebrating its first birthday! Michelle is giving away prizes all week and the first one is a $50 gift card! Go visit her site and find out how to win!!!

Happy Birthday, I Heart Publix! You make shopping there a pleasure!!!!

Keep Saving Centsably,

Monday, April 5, 2010

Free cookies!

Visit the Nabisco Cookies FB page today to print 2 coupons for a free package of Nabisco Cookies. Stipulations: You must purchase 1 gallon of milk and a package of cookies to earn the free cookies, but if you're already buying milk, then look at this as a BOGO coupon for Nabisco cookies, which is great!!!!

Of course, if you have any coupons for cents off or something else for Nabisco cookies, or if your store has them on sale, it makes this deal even better!

Don't forget to print it a second time. You can't do this by refreshing your browser like we normally do, but go back to the link on the FB page and print a second time!

FREE is always good!
Keep Saving Centsably,