Friday, June 18, 2010

Free Blueberries!

Hey everybody! There's a Publix Website to enter a berry contest, called something like Season's Peak, and they have a $1.50/1 blueberry, blackberry or strawberry coupon!

This week, blueberries are just $1.50/pint!!! Get them free and put them up for the winter!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Been a While!

Whew! So it's been a while since I've posted here on the blog--keeping my Facebook page hopping with great deals has really taken quite a bit of time!!! I'll be trying to do better in the days and weeks to come!!!

First, let me tell you about my first Swagbucks reward! It came in the mail this weekend--a $10 Starbucks card just for searching for items on my Swagbucks toolbar or homepage!!!

Be sure that will be in the coffee goodies basket I put together for hubby for Father's Day! I'm wondering how many of those I can collect before Christmas comes!!!

Have you gotten your Swagbucks account yet?
If not, sign up through my link on the homepage of the blog! I'll earn referral points, which I'm always thankful for!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

This week's totals

This week I had a couple of main visits.....things are so busy with preschool beginning to wrap up, the four kids having their various things, church, work, etc.!!!! ARGH!!! I am longing for quiet tonight so I can clip and sort and file--I'm in BAD need of it!!!

So at Publix this week I visited 2 stores, spent a total of $25 and saved about $46, so valuce is $71, I spent $25....66% savings.

I really racked up at Target though, and you can find my pictures on Facebook.....two visits, same store. Spent: 2.94 out of value? $98!!!! That's basically a 97% savings and you know I'll be headed back next week!!!

How'd you do??

Publix gift cards

There are a couple of Publix gift cards up for grabs thanks to Michelle at iheartpublix dot com!!!

Go visit her site and look for the information about this giveaway. All 1st birthday entries for iheartpublix dot come expire get on over there and register!!!

keep Saving centsably!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Another iheartpublix giveaway

There's another giveaway going on! Michelle is celebrating all week long! Register by visiting her site and choosing at least 1 method of entry---choose ALL of them if you want...more entries=more chances to win!!!


Monday, April 12, 2010

I Heart Publix's Birthday!!!

I Heart Publix (dot) com is celebrating its first birthday! Michelle is giving away prizes all week and the first one is a $50 gift card! Go visit her site and find out how to win!!!

Happy Birthday, I Heart Publix! You make shopping there a pleasure!!!!

Keep Saving Centsably,

Monday, April 5, 2010

Free cookies!

Visit the Nabisco Cookies FB page today to print 2 coupons for a free package of Nabisco Cookies. Stipulations: You must purchase 1 gallon of milk and a package of cookies to earn the free cookies, but if you're already buying milk, then look at this as a BOGO coupon for Nabisco cookies, which is great!!!!

Of course, if you have any coupons for cents off or something else for Nabisco cookies, or if your store has them on sale, it makes this deal even better!

Don't forget to print it a second time. You can't do this by refreshing your browser like we normally do, but go back to the link on the FB page and print a second time!

FREE is always good!
Keep Saving Centsably,

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Prescriptions Earning $$

Prescriptions Earning Money
Prescriptions are a big expense for our family. With six people in our household, four of whom take daily medications, and all of whom are subject to catch ANYTHING going around town, it's a big expense, and one you can't always prepare for.

So, we play what I call the "Prescription Transfer Game"!

This is how it's done. Say I'm taking a monthly medication that has refills on the prescription. I might fill it the first time at a CVS, and I'll use a gift card coupon from CVS or from another store (they very often accept competitor's prescription offers). I may pay my $15 copay, and earn a gift card anywhere from $10-25!

Next month when it's time to have it refilled, I'll transfer it to Walgreen's. They, too, accept competitor's prescription offers, so if I don't have a coupon specific to Walgreen's, I'll print one for Rite-Aid, often available online. Again, I may pay $15 for my month's medicines, but I'll earn $25 for having it filled at Walgreen's.

Then, the next month, I'll transfer the prescription to Rite Aid or Publix. Sometimes Publix will accept competitor's coupons as well--it just depends!

Target has a pharmacy, too, and they often print their own prescription coupons in their weekly ads or on receipt coupons at checkout. KMart runs these coupons in their weekly ads FREQUENTLY!!!

This past week, for example, I had an RX filled for my oldest son, and spent $35. I earned $10 at CVS for it. I had an RX filled for me at RiteAid. I spent $15 and got a $25 Rite Aid card. I had two RXs filled for my husband, and we spent about $8 for them both, since one was free with the Publix antibiotics program. I didn't earn anything for them but I got something free! Then yesterday after my son's surgery, I had two prescriptions filled for him. Our out of pocket cost was $0 because we used a CVS gift card to pay for them both, AND we earned a $10 CVS card b/c I had a prescription coupon from this past Sunday's paper for KMart. I've got one waiting for me at CVS, a transfer, and when I pick it up, I'll pay $15 and earn $25 by using a KMart or RiteAid transfer coupon that CVS thinks is a competitor.

I say all this to prove to you that there's no need to pay full price for a prescription!!!! Look into all the different options you have to either PAY less or EARN more when buying them!!!

Keep Saving Centsably!

DiGiorno Pizza Winners

Hey everybody! Wanted to let you know about our winners. Contact me and let me know your address so I can mail these to you!!!! Email me at savingcentsably (at) gmail (dot) com! Thanks!!

J. Gosdin

Cheryl F.

Derek & Cyni


You've won three $4.00 off coupons for the new Digiorno Pizza & Breadsticks. These retail regularly for about $7.99, so it's a 50% savings. They expire at the end of April, so you have a month to find them on sale and get them at an even larger savings!!

You'll also get two DiGiorno beaded necklaces for your own party!!!!


Keep Saving Centsably!


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Digiorno Pizza Party Pack Giveaway

Hey everybody! Just wanted to share the goodies I got from Digiorno and House Party for my Digiorno House Party this afternoon!!!! I got all kinds of neat things for the party, but I still have some favors for you guys, too!!!

If you read about this giveaway on Facebook, leave a comment after this post and let me know that you are a new reader. If you already were a follower of the blog, leave a comment letting me know that, too!!!

I'll pick four winners at the end of the night tomorrow and you'll receive some coupons and goodies from me and Digiorno!!!!

Good luck, everybody!!
Keep Saving Centsably!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Publix $10 rebate on Huggies/Pullups Products

In the front of the new Publix coupon blooklet called "One Stop, One Store," there's a $10 rebate form for purchases of $35 of more worth of Huggies or Pullups products made in the same transaction.

Beside this rebate form is a Publix coupon for $3.00/1 mega pack of Pullups or a box of Huggies diapers. I have three kids in Pull-ups at least part-time, so anytime I can save on these I will!!! I combined this $3/1 coupon from Publix with the manuf. coupon for $2/1, making each mega pack of Pullups only $10.99. I bought three.

Their total value is over $47, so I can submit for the rebate, and I will today!!!! When I get the $10 back, it makes the Pullups only $7.66 per mega pack (40 in one size, 33 in another). This is a total savings of 52% and I'll ALWAYS take a savings on Pull-ups!!!!

Hope you can take advantage of this great deal, too!
Keep Saving Centsably!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Parents Magazine Coupons

Do you subscribe to Parents magazine?

In this month's issue you can find the following coupons and prescription savings:
20% off entire purchase at GYMBOREE or;
$1.00 off Ronzoni Smart Taste Pasta exp 10/15/10;
$10 off Diapers or formula on a $49 minimum order exp 9/30/10;
$1.50 off Tide Plus Febreze Freshness SPORT exp 6/30/10;

information on saving up to $50 on a prescription of Vyvanse ;
information on saving up to $25 on a prescription of Treximet.

Hopefully you can use some of these!!! Don't toss your magazines before you check for coupons!!!

Keep Saving Centsably!

Great Shopping Day today!

Today was a great shopping day for my daughter and me. We visited Kroger, Publix and Target, spending only $57.49 for $236.04 worth of products and groceries!!!

Didn't find the Princess and Frog in stock and Target but that's okay because I didn't bring my coupon......darn!!!! I must admit when I saw the holder for the movies was empty I was relieved. There's nothing like KNOWING you could've saved money if ONLY you had that coupon with you!!! I've got to find it and do better!!! The coupon expires on the 21st, so this afternoon my mission is to figure out what I did with that $10 coupon! If you haven't printed yours yet, visit to print a $10 coupon off the purchase of the DVD/Blu Ray combo pack!!!

Anyway, I did get the other things I went for....and some others! In the end I paid only $5.55 out of pocket for $48.16 worth of products, including the Band-Aids I needed to do the rebate with the purchase of the Princess and the Frog movie!

At Publix, I stocked up on frozen foods like Fast Fixin's, which are bogo this week....and there's a printable coupon out there (or there was)....AND there are Publix coupons for these in the Healthy Kids coupon book that expires on 3/ some other frozen food and mostly BOGO items today. With those sales and my coupons, I spent $37.87 and saved over $91!

At Kroger, I had a less-than-stellar experience with the cashier....this is why I hardly ever go to that particular Kroger anymore....I think I'm writing a letter to Kroger corporate in the next day or so.....

but anyway, with the Buy 8, save $4 sale, I spent $14.07 for $58.80 worth of groceries. I DID have to pay close attention to the coupon discounts, though. She was definitely not helpful!

The biggest deal I got at Kroger was on Kraft block and bagged cheeses, normally $3.29/each. Right now they're .99/ea when you participate in the Buy 8, save $4 sale. At the store I visited today, there were coupons RIGHT there for $1.00/2. That made them only .49 cents each! I bought 8 of them and it cost me only $4.00!! That's only .71 cents more than 1 would cost at regular price! This is why we buy like we do and stock up when we can! It's the best way to save the most!!!

Alrighty...headed for lunch. The little kids are asleep and it's about an hour until the older kids get off the bus!

Keep Saving Centsably!


Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Morning Deals to Report

Hey guys!
Just wanted to let you know about a couple of deals that are worth noting this Monday morning!

Jennie-O Turkey Burgers
During my Sunday afternoon trip to Kroger yesterday I found that Jennie-O Turkey Burgers, regularly 7.99 are priced at $5.99 this week. There's a Jennie-O $5 Mail In Rebate out there that you can use to have the whole box for only .99 cents out-of-pocket (OOP)!!!!

Springer Mountain Farms Chicken
I also found the Springer Mountain Farms Chicken, which appears to be a very healthy chicken option--not to mention it's a product of the state of Georgia, so I'd LOVE to support the company! In the 3/7/10 coupon inserts there's a $1.50/1 coupon. I found a package that was priced at $4.01 and used the coupon, making it just $2.50 for that package. BUT on the package was a scan-in coupon that you use with your cell phone--hubby will take care of this. It promises a $2 rebate to your paypal account, or if you choose, you can donate the $2 to a particular charity. Honestly, I'll take the $2. It makes the pack of chicken only .50 cents. AND, I'm pretty sure that I read each household could do this deal 2 or 3 times!

In my workshops I teach people to never let coupons for fresh fruit or veggies, milk, or meat expire because they're so rare! Same thing here!!!

Snapfish--Free Mug w/$10 purchase!
Lastly, I got an email from Snapfish today with this neat deal! I know it's not Christmas, but think ahead....or think Mother's Day, Father's Day, Grandparents Day, etc....that happens between now and then. Or, order something for Christmas and add it to the Christmas gift stockpile you're collecting....You don't have one??? Get a Rubbermaid bin and get started today. I'll talk more about this in a future post!

Here's the Snapfish details:
Spend $10 at and you'll get a free mug with a picture that you upload. This is a great deal b/c usually if you can find a free mug, business card, etc., the company charges a fee for uploading your picture or logo. But this is free, using the code SNAPPYBD at checkout. If you don't get the Snapfish emails, sign up to do so! In the month of April, as they celebrate "Snappy's" birthday, they'll have a "deal a day", games and giveaways all month long, and a special 10 days of savings from April 1 to April 10!

Have a great day; Keep saving centsably!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

How do you have time for coupons?

Visit my FB page for information on how I make time for the cutting, sorting and filing that is required for keeping an up-to-date and effective coupon box!

Keep Saving Centsably!

Publix deals

I am always encouraging people for look for clearance items! Items that are reduced and ready for clearance are still eligible for coupon use--it's ALMOST like having two coupons for the item!

This week at my local Publix I visited the clearance section and found Ruby Red & Tangerine Grapefruit juice from Ocean Spray. Normally $2.99, this juice was marked to $1. There was only one on the clearance section but I decided to investigate. On the juice aisle, the exact same packaging, expiration date and flavors were on the shelves. I took one to customer service and asked them to scan it. The juice on the shelf was only $1!!

So, I went to the "beverages" section of my coupon box and pulled out $1/2 coupons for Ocean Spray grapefruit drinks! There were 9 bottles of juice--I bought 8 of them and spent a total of $4.00 for them.

Simple math tells you I got 8 for only slightly more than what 2 bottles would cost at regular price!! Yummy juice for my family!

Today I went to the same clearance section and found Gillette Power Fusion Gamer Razors. Normally $6.69, they were reduced to $5. In my "toiletries" section of my coupon box, I had 2 coupons for $4/1. There were 2 razors, and I purchased BOTH of them for a total of $2---almost 70% off the price of ONE!

Clearance and coupons go hand-in-hand!
Keep saving centsably!

Monday, February 22, 2010


Today I've been working on lots of rebates! I'm submitting for the Olay rebate tomorrow--I spent $16.24 on three Olay products. There's a $15 rebate available, so I've spent just $1.24 or .40 cents/bottle. I'm submitting for a Cole's designer reuseable shopping bag--after buying four Cole's products for just .60 cents, I will earn the free bag by sending in three UPCs. Today I also took advantage of the UP!, Kernel Seasonings and Voila! rebates--spending about $22.00 for the movie UP!, 2 Kernel Seasonings and 2 Voila! meals. I will get $10 back in a rebate.

So that's just some of the rebates I'm using to supplement my coupons and BOGO deals!!!
Keep Saving Centsably!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


So a lot of people complain about the junk mail they get in their mailbox as well as their email inbox. I used to, too. But now, I've come to look at that stuff as moneymakers!

For example, did you know that JCPenney often sends out coupons in postcard form good for $10 off a $10 purchase? That's something free or REALLY cheap!

In the mail we get a little flyer from Advance Auto Parts stores, which usually has a coupon (or several) on the back good for $5, $10 or $25 off your purchase based on how much you've spent. These are great for when you need to get the oil for your upcoming change, or you have to buy an automotive part unexpectedly. Keep these when they come!

Many communities have a "handy helper" or "savvy shopper" brochure that comes out periodically (maybe quarterly). Instead of just tossing this right off the bat, look through it and see if there are any coupons for places you eat or services you might need.

On Mondays in our community we get a "packet" of junk mail that has a couple of life insurance offers, some local sales ads and maybe pizza coupons or the like. Save the pizza coupons--ditch the insurance offers, and thumb through the sales ads to see if there's something you've got a coupon for that's going to be on sale.

Now believe it or not, I actually ASK for "junk mail" by registering with companies all over the place. I love to get catalogs, free magazines, sales papers and information about companies' products. Typically, these items come with (you guessed it!) coupons!

I register for samples, register at manufacturer websites, register, register, register--so that each day I get some kind of coupon in the mail or in my email inbox.

So how do you keep your personal email address from turning into publisher's clearinghouse??? Make a free email address devoted entirely to your saving and couponing ventures. Have the manufacturers send their coupons and newsletters there. You'll get to them when you can without feeling like your personal email inbox is being hijacked!

In short, my advice is to register, register, register!!!!! This is a SUPER way to build your coupon stockpile freely!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Today was catch-up

This afternoon after preschool I spent about an hour sorting and cutting and filing coupons! I bought 2 of the double papers Sunday, and got 1 in the mail, so I had four inserts multiplied by 5! Plus, I get some free papers each Thursday from the Henry Herald--available here in Henry County....these papers usually carry Redplum and Proctor & Gamble coupon inserts weekly, and they're FREE!

Check around your community and see if there are any free papers available. If so, find out when and where you can get them, and use this free source to boost your coupon collection!

Currently, all coupons are cut, filed and sorted, so maybe I'm up-to-date at least through Saturday!

Keep Saving Centsably!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A SUPER day!

So today's been ALL about savings!
First thing this morning we loaded up and headed to Denny's for their free grand slam breakfasts good through 2pm today! We had six grand slam breakfasts, drinks and paid the tip for only $10! A GREAT way to start the morning!

I got an email notifying me that I'd won a free pair of Docker's khakis! I registered for these during the Super Bowl commercial advertising the contest! $52 pair of khakis and shipping--all free!

This morning after getting all the kids to school (still on time!) I scored a super deal at Target--buying 2 Fusion Razors, normally $8.49/ea, for just a total of $6.61, and I earned a $5 Target card.....I'll be repeating that purchase a couple of times this week!

Then I headed to Walgreen's and CVS, where I picked up a prescription at each which had been transferred from a different pharmacy. I earned a $25 gift card at CVS and a $25 gift card at for both prescriptions, only $30, and it's something I HAD to buy anyway! Love the free money, though!

Lastly, I went to Publix and bought $122.00 worth of groceries for just $36!

Overall a GREAT day!
Keep Saving Centsably!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Savings at Kroger tonight

Tonight was a so-so night for me at Kroger. The Mega-Event sale was over, and after stocking up on lots of things last week for cheap, I just needed a couple of items. Tea is one thing we are picky about at our house; we must have Lipton decaf tea. It's more pricey than other brands and there aren't often many coupons for it, but today I had one small one: .75/2. I bought the two boxes, knowing we would use them! We use about 1 box of 24 bags/week--8 gallons of tea for us!

I found LOTS of peelie & blinkie coupons! I also found a rebate information form for an SC Johnson rebate; I had already put three ziploc boxes in my buggy. Although not on sale, I had a coupon for each item .40/1; .80/1 when doubled, and I got a bonus size--with 20% more free. By purchasing 3, I qualified for a $2.00 Catalina coupon off my next purchase. AND, I will submit for a $5 rebate. This means the three boxes of Ziploc sandwich bags (360 in all) will cost only .77 cents in the end!

Hope you have a great day shopping!
Keep saving centsably!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

First Weekend Coupon Class

Our first Saturday morning coupon class went GREAT! Time-wise it all flowed well; there weren't as many people as expected so our "mingling" break times between sessions weren't as long as I intended, and there weren't many questions, so we were done about 1/2 hour early.

It was my prayer for this event that God would send the people who needed to hear about these saving techniques the most; I'm just praying for the people who attended--that this week they'll have the opportunity to put some of those principles into action!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Macon Saving Centsably Coupon Workshop

Our coupon workshop in Macon is just a few days away! If you haven't registered yet, please call Mount Zion Baptist Church and talk with Donna Smith (478) 994-0838. Or, call me at 770-898-4150 to register. You can also reach me at

The coupon workshop is $15 and includes handouts, door prizes, and light snacks. Hope to see you there!