Monday, April 5, 2010

Free cookies!

Visit the Nabisco Cookies FB page today to print 2 coupons for a free package of Nabisco Cookies. Stipulations: You must purchase 1 gallon of milk and a package of cookies to earn the free cookies, but if you're already buying milk, then look at this as a BOGO coupon for Nabisco cookies, which is great!!!!

Of course, if you have any coupons for cents off or something else for Nabisco cookies, or if your store has them on sale, it makes this deal even better!

Don't forget to print it a second time. You can't do this by refreshing your browser like we normally do, but go back to the link on the FB page and print a second time!

FREE is always good!
Keep Saving Centsably,

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  1. Thanks for the post update on Nabisco Cookies.