Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A SUPER day!

So today's been ALL about savings!
First thing this morning we loaded up and headed to Denny's for their free grand slam breakfasts good through 2pm today! We had six grand slam breakfasts, drinks and paid the tip for only $10! A GREAT way to start the morning!

I got an email notifying me that I'd won a free pair of Docker's khakis! I registered for these during the Super Bowl commercial advertising the contest! $52 pair of khakis and shipping--all free!

This morning after getting all the kids to school (still on time!) I scored a super deal at Target--buying 2 Fusion Razors, normally $8.49/ea, for just a total of $6.61, and I earned a $5 Target card.....I'll be repeating that purchase a couple of times this week!

Then I headed to Walgreen's and CVS, where I picked up a prescription at each which had been transferred from a different pharmacy. I earned a $25 gift card at CVS and a $25 gift card at Walgreens....total for both prescriptions, only $30, and it's something I HAD to buy anyway! Love the free money, though!

Lastly, I went to Publix and bought $122.00 worth of groceries for just $36!

Overall a GREAT day!
Keep Saving Centsably!

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