Thursday, February 25, 2010

Publix deals

I am always encouraging people for look for clearance items! Items that are reduced and ready for clearance are still eligible for coupon use--it's ALMOST like having two coupons for the item!

This week at my local Publix I visited the clearance section and found Ruby Red & Tangerine Grapefruit juice from Ocean Spray. Normally $2.99, this juice was marked to $1. There was only one on the clearance section but I decided to investigate. On the juice aisle, the exact same packaging, expiration date and flavors were on the shelves. I took one to customer service and asked them to scan it. The juice on the shelf was only $1!!

So, I went to the "beverages" section of my coupon box and pulled out $1/2 coupons for Ocean Spray grapefruit drinks! There were 9 bottles of juice--I bought 8 of them and spent a total of $4.00 for them.

Simple math tells you I got 8 for only slightly more than what 2 bottles would cost at regular price!! Yummy juice for my family!

Today I went to the same clearance section and found Gillette Power Fusion Gamer Razors. Normally $6.69, they were reduced to $5. In my "toiletries" section of my coupon box, I had 2 coupons for $4/1. There were 2 razors, and I purchased BOTH of them for a total of $2---almost 70% off the price of ONE!

Clearance and coupons go hand-in-hand!
Keep saving centsably!

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