Sunday, February 7, 2010

Savings at Kroger tonight

Tonight was a so-so night for me at Kroger. The Mega-Event sale was over, and after stocking up on lots of things last week for cheap, I just needed a couple of items. Tea is one thing we are picky about at our house; we must have Lipton decaf tea. It's more pricey than other brands and there aren't often many coupons for it, but today I had one small one: .75/2. I bought the two boxes, knowing we would use them! We use about 1 box of 24 bags/week--8 gallons of tea for us!

I found LOTS of peelie & blinkie coupons! I also found a rebate information form for an SC Johnson rebate; I had already put three ziploc boxes in my buggy. Although not on sale, I had a coupon for each item .40/1; .80/1 when doubled, and I got a bonus size--with 20% more free. By purchasing 3, I qualified for a $2.00 Catalina coupon off my next purchase. AND, I will submit for a $5 rebate. This means the three boxes of Ziploc sandwich bags (360 in all) will cost only .77 cents in the end!

Hope you have a great day shopping!
Keep saving centsably!

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